Canflexographics and our International Partners, continually strive to provide a full range of award winning, custom product lines to the Canadian Printing Industry. The support and training we receive from our partners is second to none. This clearly demonstrates a commitment to our industry, and the technical advancements necessary to ensure that our clients are competitive in an evolving economy and progressive marketplace.



Mark Andy

Digital Series HD

True Hybrid Printing. Zero Sacrifices.

Mark Andy’s production-class digital solution has been reimagined to bring greater levels of productivity and profitability to the modern label converter. Digital Series HD combines high-resolution digital print and best-in-class production capability into a single pass workflow.  Zero tradeoffs in speed.  No sacrifices in configurability.

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Waste-free & sustainable cleaning

Laser Anilox Cleaning is waste-free, completely safe, and fully-automatic method of cleaning. FlexoWash has developed a sustainable cleaning option for printers with a key focus on flexibility. The FW LASER Anilox Cleaners can be installed without requiring water supply, drain or safety equipment.

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Mark Andy

Digital Series iQ

Hybrid Integration Made Intelligent

The smart choice for your business, Digital Series iQ is a fully-integrated inkjet press built on a proven Evolution Series flexo platform. Powered by a robust Domino N610i UV inkjet module, it boasts digital brain power and Mark Andy converting excellence.

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Canadian Print Scholarships Donor Focus on Canflexographics Ltd.

Donor Focus: Canflexographics Ltd. 2021-11-22 Donors like Canflexographics Ltd. help attract talent to the graphic communications industry. Thank you for your support. Canflexographics and our International Partners, continually strive to provide a full [...]

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Canadian Print Scholarships Donor Focus on Canflexographics President Kelly Roberts

Donor Focus: Kelly Roberts 2021-11-13 Our community has a lot of great people like Kelly Roberts who have donated to the 2021 Annual Campaign Campaign. Kelly, your donation is appreciated. Consider making a donation [...]

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BOBST Online Master CI Demonstration – November 10, 2021

Is your market focus wide-web CI flexo printing requiring high speeds, quick changeovers and maximum automation? Our exciting partner BOBST will run an online demonstration of the BOBST MASTER CI.   DATE:  November 10th TIME: 11am [...]

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Powerwise Recently Re-certified Electric and Air Models to the Latest Specification

Atex Certification Recognized Worldwide Most Metric applications require the use of ATEX which certifies the complete pump – NOT JUST THE MOTOR Powerwise recently re-certified electric and air models to the latest specification [...]

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