Powerwise Ink Pumps offers the best and most comprehensive range of pumps for the Canadian Flexographic and Gravure printing industry.

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Centrifugal Complete Systems

Featuring stainless steel components and full flow by-pass systems. Each 5 gallon/20 liter ink pump comes complete with a full flow by-pass and stainless steel components throughout. Two designs of pump ends are available: 1) NYLON coating and 2) Trifugal design.

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Peristaltic Tube Pumps

Peristaltic tube pumps are designed to handle more viscous inks, adhesives and coatings, ideal for sheer sensitive liquids. Downtime is kept to a minimum by simply changing the hose in the Delrin pump head. These pumps are supplied with the following specifications: air gear motors (intrinsically explosion proof), non-explosion proof inverter drive models, and electric explosion proof mechanical gear units. All models can be supplied with a reversible feature to drain ink stations and enclosed doctor blades. Variable speed allows controlled ink flow.

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Double Diaphragm (1/4″ up to 3″) Pumps

The versatility of the double diaphragm pumps is well known. They are suitable for a wide variety of inks, varnishes, coatings, adhesives and laminates. We stock polypropylene models from inlet/outlet up to 1″ (25mm). All of these units can be converted to assisted gravity return.

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Our line of mixers are designed to provide trouble free and long life in many printing and ink room situations. You can use your Powerwise mixers if you have an ink room with or without an automated system. They are designed for quick set up and by using the adjustable clamp, they can be angled for the best possible uniform mixing of your liquids. Use of a variable speed air motor allows control of how much you wish your ink to be mixed. Electric models and models requiring heavier viscosities are available also.

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Ink Filters

Powerwise offers a variety of filtration units. The most popular is the 1099 nylon coated in-line filter. This unit can be used with all models in the Powerwise range. The filter has a re-cleanable stainless steel basket sold in a variety of mesh sizes. The flow pattern is in from the bottom and out through the side; the convoluted mesh allows a greater surface area for filtration. Magnets have become a great asset for the printer and many an anilox roll has been saved from damage by a magnet suspended directly in the ink flow from the top scoop of the filter. Other filters in stock are small in-line Y strainer’s (with or without a magnet) for narrow web printers. We also supply return line strainers, intake strainers for siphon tubes and magnet assemblies for hanging in the ink containers.

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Pump Accessories

Powerwise offer a full range of accessories to compliment your pump purchase. Quick Disconnects, Filter Regulator Lubricators for your air line. Pump repairs & spares for all manufacturers. Hose fittings for centrifugal pump setup and special peristaltic tube types are kept in stock for fast delivery.

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