Innovative mounting and proofing solutions from J M Heaford Ltd.

Heaford has been in business since 1983 and has been represented by Canflexographics in Canada for a good part of that time with over 140 machine sales to our credit. Heaford is a world leader in the products they manufacture and you can find them in more than 100 countries across the world.

We manufacture Video Plate mounting systems and proofers for the Wide and Narrow web industries. These machines are characterized by their build quality, reliability, accuracy and ease of use. Heaford’s customer support over the years has been second to none.

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Narrow Web Systems

We proudly supply a full range of Narrow Web Table Top Video Plate Mounting Systems, which offer ease of use and are extremely quick while in operation. Please click on the link provided to review all of our systems and models:

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Mid-Wide Web Systems

Offering Mid and Wide Web Plate Mounting and Proofing Systems, which provide pinpoint accuracy, with proven design, versatile configurations and superior reliability. Please click on the following link for brochures and details for all models and systems:

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FTS Mounter for Narrow Web Video Plate Mounting

Canflexo is proud to share news of JM Heaford’s GOLD award for its development of two specific types of FTS Mounters, designed for precise Narrow Web Video Plate Mounting. Heaford has researched and created two different models for varying web widths and repeat print ranges. These units are high powered, with high intensity and contrast, boasting tool free adjustments in a very user friendly – innovative design.

Please contact us at Canflexo for a brochure and video demonstration piece.

Heaford Product Video Library

Visit the “Heaford Product Video Library”, highlighting our wide range of Wide / Narrow Web Press Mounters, Corrugated Flexo and Gravure Proofing systems and Mounting machinery.

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We are committed to the continuous development of our machines in response to the ever changing demands of our customers in the printing industry. This commitment, our flexibility in approach and our willingness to put design time into every machine we sell is reflected in the wide range of machines you will see and read about while visiting our website.