HarperScientific™ is the Printing and Coatings Supplies Division of Harper Corporation of America, providing products and services to flexographic printers all over the world. As a leader in the precision proofing market, HarperScientific supplies precision proofers, safe and user-friendly ink cleaners and measurement equipment.

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Ink Proofers

Echocel Junior™

Pioneers of the patented “Echocel Junior™” precision hand proofer, HarperScientific was instrumental in developing a simulation of the printing press by manufacturing proofers with laser-engraved ceramic anilox rolls with doctor blade metering. This technology enables the user to draw down the exact color with a hand-held instrument.

– The Echocel Junior Assembly was HarperScientific’s very own first original model-

– XLT laser engraved anilox rolls-


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The QD™ Proofing System is the very first system that is fully portable and utility free so it is not locked in the ink room. Carry it to the press and dial in your ink!

-Ultra lightweight assembly-

-XLT laser engraved anilox rolls-

-Quick change anilox roll mechanism-

-Solvent resistant transfer rolls-

-Quick change doctor blade-

-Easier clean up-

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CeramClean II™

The perfect solution for a dirty problem.  Anilox roll cleaner for water based, UV, and solvent inks.

The Anilox Roll Cleaner – CeramClean II™ – will effectively & efficiently remove dried ink from the engraving without damaging the cell structure on the ceramic and chrome cylinders.  It will remove Water, UV and most Solvent based inks and in most instances will remove those tough stains found on the roll face. 

CeramClean II™ is available in 2 Packs (2 – 16oz bottles, 8 Packs (8 – 16oz bottles), 1 Gal. Tub, 5 gal container and 55 gal drums.

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New! Harper App

The Harper Anilox Support app is designed to assist Flexographic press operators in the care and maintenance of their anilox rolls.

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