FlexoWash Webinar: Why Parts Cleaning Is Important – April 14th or 15th

EFFECTIVE PARTS CLEANING MAKES THE DIFFERENCE! In this webinar you can learn all about how you can elevate your print quality, when you clean your parts. - This time we focus on the label industry - Dates:  April 14th or April 15th Click here to sign up [...]

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Bobst Live Web Session at Virtual Drupa – April 21, 2021

Embrace the future of flexible packaging with BOBST @ virtual.drupa 2021! Join industry expert Sara Alexander, Marketing & Communications, for a talk on how to transform challenges into opportunities for the future of flexible packaging, with examples of real sustainable solutions. Discover how BOBST is helping converters to optimize production through connectivity, digitalization, [...]

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Harper Corporation’s next Virtual Roadshow – Apr 28, 2021 01:00 PM in Eastern Time

Join Harper Corporation’s next Virtual Roadshow to learn the pertinent aspects of solvent based ink management! Learn about the pitfalls to avoid and what your expectations are press-side so you can deliver consistent color and print throughout your project. This event is free! #Harper #InkManagement Click here to register

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FlexoWash: Why Cleaning Solutions Matter

Sustainability is more than an environmental buzzword.  Sustainability is a key to success for any business. Converters today are charged with establishing better processes which can be maintained long into the future.  From an environmental perspective, converters are being asked to choose products which are better for the environment and their employees, while also being [...]

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The team at Canflexo congratulates our Partner HARPER CORPORATON on 50 Years of vision and quality as the first, the best and the global leader in anilox roll products and technologies!

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These Essential Items Now In Stock!

These Essential Items Are Now In Stock! We are continuing to work safely and provide customers with essential items for your printing needs Email Now for A Quote! Rare Earth Magnet Filters Powerwise offers a variety of filtration units. The most popular is the 1099 nylon coated in-line filter. This unit can be used [...]

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