BOBST North America – Lamination Webinar – 20 July 2022

BOBST Compact Laminators for today and beyond! Mark your calendar! We hope you can join us on July 20th to discover the BOBST Compact Laminators for today and beyond. During this webinar you can see the Nova SX 550 solventless and the Nova D 800 multi-technology solution. We will also [...]

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Powerwise Ink Pumps – All-round Simplicity – Centrifugal

All-round Simplicity - Centrifugal Each 5 gallon/20 liter ink pump comes complete with a full flow by-pass and stainless steel components throughout. Trifugal design with 3 Stainless Steel Rods. Lightweight and easy to clean. Each unit is sold with a 5 gallon or 20 liter mild steel ink pail. Email for quote and let us help with your application! sales@powerwise.com www.powerwise.com [...]

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FlexoWash Introduces the FW 850 Laser Anilox Cleaner

Laser cleaning is a modern, effective and sustainable cleaning system for aniloxes.  With a quick cleaning time, your aniloxes will be deep cleaned, with minimal effort and reduced downtime. Most importantly, this sustainable cleaner is waste-free with no liquid handling or consumption. We are happy to introduce the [...]

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Celebrating Canflexo’s Sales Manager, Pascal Ross

Commitment – Superior Effort – Integrity We celebrate Canflexo’s Sales Manager, Pascal Ross! Pascal has been involved in the field of flexography his entire career and is a leader within our corporation and the Quebec Printing Market for the past 16 years. We are continually impressed and appreciative to [...]

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Le GRAND Rendez-Vous: Les 21 et 22 avril

              Canflexographics vous invite au PREMIER Grand Rendez-vous pour les marchés de l’Enseigne, de l’Imprimerie et de l’Emballage! Nous espérons que vous vous joindrez à nous et à notre industrie pour cette unique exposition! Nous avons des laissez-passer disponibles! Accueil — Le grand rendez-vous (https://legrandrendezvous.ca) Commandité par l’Association Québécoise de l’Industrie de [...]

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Thank-you Mark Cisternino, President of the FTA on Your Retirement

Upon hearing of Mark Cisternino’s pending retirement from the Flexographic Technical Association, we at Canflexographics cannot help but reflect on the exciting technological changes and progression our industry has experienced during his tenure.  Mark, you have ensured our industry and the FTA has maintained a high level of professionalism and certification to mirror [...]

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The Pack Heavy Podcast Featuring Canflexographics President Kelly Roberts

Over the past year and a half, the flexible packaging market has seen significant growth.   In this, the 59th episode of The Pack Heavy Podcast, our President, Kelly Roberts discusses why we are seeing this growth in flexible packaging, along with print technology advancements and trends in Canada for 2022. [...]

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