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Canadian Print Scholarships Donor Focus on Canflexographics Ltd.

Donor Focus: Canflexographics Ltd. 2021-11-22 Donors like Canflexographics Ltd. help attract talent to the graphic communications industry. Thank you for your support. Canflexographics and our International Partners, continually strive to provide a full range of award winning, custom product lines to the Canadian Printing Industry. The support and training we receive from our [...]

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Canadian Print Scholarships Donor Focus on Canflexographics President Kelly Roberts

Donor Focus: Kelly Roberts 2021-11-13 Our community has a lot of great people like Kelly Roberts who have donated to the 2021 Annual Campaign Campaign. Kelly, your donation is appreciated. Consider making a donation yourself. “Throughout our 35 years, ‘giving back’ to our industry has been paramount to who we are – for the [...]

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BOBST Online Master CI Demonstration – November 10, 2021

Is your market focus wide-web CI flexo printing requiring high speeds, quick changeovers and maximum automation? Our exciting partner BOBST will run an online demonstration of the BOBST MASTER CI.   DATE:  November 10th TIME: 11am EST For all our Canadian customers who are curious about this latest technology that is "Powering the CI flexo printed [...]

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Powerwise Recently Re-certified Electric and Air Models to the Latest Specification

Atex Certification Recognized Worldwide Most Metric applications require the use of ATEX which certifies the complete pump – NOT JUST THE MOTOR Powerwise recently re-certified electric and air models to the latest specification Canadian Length 348 mm for Standard Canadian Container IN STOCK! 905-335-1501 ‌ [...]

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Flexo Wash Flexo & Gravure EXPO online: September 28 to October 6, 2021

Flexo & Gravure EXPO online September 28 to October 6, 2021 Meet the experts and see the machines in action! Topics at the EXPO Include: How to clean your aniloxes The best way to clean parts Clean your plates safe and efficient Clean all type of [...]

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Congratulations Natalie Schneck – FIRST Implementation Specialist Certificate

CONGRATULATIONS to NatalieSchneck, Canflexo's Sales Manager, who has successfully completed the Flexographic Technical Association's FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification program! The FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification yields experts in the field of flexographic printing support, consultation and communication, who are proficient in communicating the principles and practices of FIRST (Flexographic Image Reproduction [...]

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Natalie Schneck Expands Her Role at Canflexographics Ltd.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Natalie Schneck Expands Her Role at Canflexographics Ltd.   Burlington, Ontario – August 10, 2021 - Canflexographics Ltd., welcomed Natalie Schneck, to our National Sales Team in May 2021.  At that time Natalie was responsible for client management and service of the Wide Web and Narrow Web Printing markets in Western [...]

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Test Your Company’s Anilox Cleaning Setup – Take the Quiz!

Properly cleaned aniloxes give you the best print quality and a constant output with no downtime on your press due to plugged cells. Test your company’s anilox cleaning setup with the new “Quick Quiz” courtesy of our partner Flexo Wash! How does it work? Simply answer [...]

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Are You Following Canada’s “The Pack Heavy Podcast”?

Last week, Canflexographics Natalie Schneck shared key insight regarding the state of the printing market in Canada and the processes involved. The episode also serves as an excellent introduction to our newest team member at Canflexo, and we couldn't be more proud! The Pack Heavy Podcast is dedicated to [...]

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