CONGRATULATIONS to NatalieSchneck, Canflexo’s Sales Manager, who has successfully completed the Flexographic Technical Association’s FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification program!

The FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification yields experts in the field of flexographic printing support, consultation and communication, who are proficient in communicating the principles and practices of FIRST (Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances).

Natalie looks forward to sharing this expertise with our Canadian Clients and has the following to say about the FTA’s Certification program and process:

“The FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification from the FTA required completing four courses and three timed exams. I have gained in-depth and detailed knowledge about the scientific approach to the flexographic workflow, which includes training internal and external teams on the key fundamentals of FIRST as they relate to implementation, design, prepress and printing.  These KEY aspects needed for optimization of workflow include the critical elements required for fingerprinting, the steps to control the process after the fingerprinting and identifying how press characterization is introduced into the workflow.  These aspects were thoroughly covered and provided me with a clear understanding of the importance of supplying my clients with precise and high-quality capital equipment and semi-consumables, along with servicing in order to implement an optimal flexographic workflow that is measured, controlled, and a repeatable process.”

Canflexographics is a proud supporter of the Flexographic Technical Association, its industry events, educational opportunities and certification programs and processes for our industry.

For more information on the FIRST certification programs, and the FTA please visit: