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Beartech 2000 – Designing Your Ideal Sleeve Storage Needs

Do you have an appropriate system for storing your printing sleeve investment?  Are you satisfied with how your company stores its sleeves?

Each customer has their own unique requirements for sleeve storage.

Canflexographics is proud to work with Beartech 2000, designing custom storage solutions that address individual client needs and expectations. These modular, multi-deck systems are engineered to optimize storage capacity, floor space and are created to withstand the rigors of industrial use.

In business for over 20 years, Beartech provides sleeve carts for both printing and anilox sleeves. The carts effortlessly transport the sleeves between the storage area, the mounting room, and the printing press. They also serve as flexible or temporary storage for impending orders. This crucial element of the printing/mounting/storage workflow reduces downtime and potential sleeve damage. We offer both horizontal and vertical versions, depending on the need.

Our storages are securely packaged and ship in crates that are specifically engineered to ensure safe transport to you.  Detailed instructions provide step-by-step guidance for ease of onsite installation.

Beartech2000’s Storage…

  • Are custom designed for specific client needs to efficiently accommodate the largest possible number of sleeves.
  • Are of modular in conception, providing flexibility and adaptation to various necessities. The capacity of the modules is fully customizable depending on sleeves sizes, types, available storage area, and other parameters.
  • Accommodate printing sleeves of all dimensions.
  • Feature single, two, three and four loading decks for sleeves, designed to optimize the available vertical space.

Let our team know if you would like more information on a custom Sleeve Storage system for your operation!

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