BOBST to Host Open House in Feburary 2020!

Exploring press options is critical in the initial phase of captial equipment research.

Face to face opportunities with press manufacturers, provides companies with first hand insight into the technical components of each press – along with the human factor. How will you will be supported? What education and information is provided throughout your investment experience?

Our partner, BOBST will be hosting an Open House at their Competence Center in Bielefeld Germany, the week of February 11th.

BOBST will be showcasing the following equipment and information:

  • the new VISION CI with solvent based inks,
  • the EXPERT CI with water-based inks technology and sustainable substrates,
  • the DIT table,
  • our collaborative approach to the Workflow Process and print test in our laboratory.

We will be sharing the Open House agenda and further details in the near future.

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have as you plan your visit!

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