Flexo Wash has introduced a new Plate Washer into our large family of Plate Washers: The PW 62

This is a mid-range Plate Washer, which cleans plates up to a maximum plate width of 24” (620 mm). This new system meets a growing need for many printers who are moving from narrow web printing towards mid-web printing.

Just like our other Plate Washers, the PW 62 has an inlet conveyor belt, which streamlines the loading of plates into the cleaning system. It also has the option for an Unloading Table as well, which gives the freshly-cleaned plate a home until it can be loaded into the press.

Our family of Plate Washers cleans plates up to 71”. Flexo Wash is the only company in the world that offers flexographic printers complete cleaning “flexobility”. Let us help you choose the cleaning system that works best for you.

Contact one of our Canflexographics Ltd. representatives for further details.